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  • Episode 420 Premiere: 09/16/07

    Dance Contest

    Josh enters a dance contest in order to be the top student in his class. Drake, at risk of failing 11th grade, enters the contest as well. 

  • Episode 419 Premiere: 08/10/07


    Drake wins a free skydive and decides to go despite his parents’ protests. Josh tries to stop Drake but ends up going along for the ride. 

  • Episode 417-418 Premiere: 08/03/07

    The Really Big Shrimp

    Drake finally gets a record deal, but Josh’s poor management skills ruin Drake’s first song. 

  • Episode 416 Premiere: 04/15/07

    Battle of Panthatar

    Drake and Josh try to get invites to the most popular boy in school’s birthday party. 

  • Episode 415 Premiere: 04/07/07

    Megan's First Kiss

    Drake and Josh accidentally cause Megan’s secret boyfriend to break up with her. 

  • Episode 414 Premiere: 03/11/07

    Steered Straight

    Drake and Josh get caught using fake IDs and are forced to take a Steered Straight program. 

  • Episode 413 Premiere: 03/04/07

    Megan's Revenge

    Drake and Josh fear retaliation after thinking that they killed Megan’s hamster. 

  • Episode 412 Premiere: 02/18/07

    Eric Punches Drake

    Eric accidentally punches Drake and finds a new level of fame. 

  • Episode 411 Premiere: 02/11/07

    Josh is Done

    When Drake goes too far, Josh decides his live would be better without his step brother. 

  • Episode 410 Premiere: 01/21/07

    Tree House

    Drake and Josh accidentally burn down their neighbor’s tree house. 

  • Episode 409 Premiere: 01/14/07

    My Dinner with BoBo

    Tired of fighting over the family car, Drake and Josh decide to raise the money to buy their own. 

  • Episode 408 Premiere: 01/07/07

    The Storm

    Drake and Josh are stuck inside the house with several eccentric guests during a torrential storm. 

  • Episode 407 Premiere: 11/26/06

    I Love Sushi

    Drake and Josh work at a sushi factory to raise the money to rebuy their stolen furniture. 

  • Episode 406 Premiere: 11/12/06

    The Great Doheny

    Josh finally gets to meet his idol, magician Henry Doheny. 

  • Episode 405 Premiere: 11/05/06

    Who's Got Game

    Drake and Josh make a bet to see who can score more dates. 

  • Episode 404 Premiere: 10/22/06

    Mindy Loves Josh

    Drake suspects that Mindy is manipulating Josh’s emotions in order to beat him in the Regional Science Fair. 

  • Episode 403 Premiere: 10/15/06

    The Wedding

    Drake and Josh are tasked with the delivering the cake to their Great Aunt Catherine’s wedding.

  • Episode 402 Premiere: 10/14/06

    Vicious Tiberius

    Josh agrees to watch his teacher’s house, but isn’t prepared for the extremely protective Rottweiler he has to deal with. 

  • Episode 401 Premiere: 09/24/06

    Josh Runs Into Oprah

    After Drake forgets Josh’s birthday, he tries to make it up to him by taking him to a live taping of “Oprah”.

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