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  • Episode 106 Premiere: 02/22/04


    Drake and Josh think they have the house to themselves for the weekend, until Josh’s grandma shows up to babysit. 

  • Episode 105 Premiere: 02/15/04

    First Crush

    Drake tries to help Josh be himself around his new crush. 

  • Episode 104 Premiere: 02/08/04

    Two Idiots and a Baby

    Josh quickly regrets offering to babysit Walter’s boss’s new baby. 

  • Episode 103 Premiere: 01/25/04

    Believe Me, Brother

    After meeting Drake’s girlfriend, Josh becomes convinced that her flirtation is more than friendly. 

  • Episode 102 Premiere: 01/18/04

    Dune Buggy

    Drake and Josh are forbidden from driving a dune buggy they’ve fixed up. They do anyway, to disastrous results. 

  • Episode 101 Premiere: 01/11/04

    Hug Me, Brother: Pilot

    Drake is popular. Josh is unusual. And they just became step brothers. 

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