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  • Episode 317 Premiere: 04/08/06

    Dr. Phyllis Show

    Drake and Josh go on the Dr. Phyllis show to relive some of their most outlandish moments. 

  • Episode 316 Premiere: 03/18/06

    Alien Invasion

    Drake and Josh uses Megan’s new telescope to trick her into thinking that aliens are invading. 

  • Episode 315 Premiere: 02/25/06

    The Demonator

    Drake and Josh trick their friends into watching their sick great-grandfather so that they can go ride an awesome new roller coaster. 

  • Episode 314 Premiere: 02/18/06

    Theater Thug

    A TV producer casts Josh in a crime-reenactment show, and Josh starts to be mistaken for the criminal he’s playing.

  • Episode 313 Premiere: 02/04/06

    Little Sibling

    Drake gets in trouble and is assigned to mentor a young boy. 

  • Episode 312 Premiere: 01/28/06

    Megan's New Teacher

    Josh becomes the teacher for Megan’s class for a week, and the class quickly turns against them both. 

  • Episode 311 Premiere: 10/22/05

    Sheep Thrills

    Drake and Josh want nothing to do with Megan’s new adopted pet sheep. 

  • Episode 310 Premiere: 10/15/05

    Girl Power

    Drake’s new girlfriend might be tougher than him. 

  • Episode 309 Premiere: 10/08/05

    Foam Finger

    Drake and Josh reignite a six-year-old argument revolving around a foam finger. 

  • Episode 308 Premiere: 10/01/05

    Paging Doctor Drake

    Josh is reluctant to go to the school nurse after dropping a barbell on his foot. 

  • Episode 307 Premiere: 06/11/05

    Helen's Surgery

    Josh’s boss needs Drake and Josh’s help after she undergoes eye surgery. Drake decides to throw a party at Helen’s house. 

  • Episode 306 Premiere: 06/04/05

    Playint The Field

    Drake breaks up with his girlfriend only to realize that he may have made the wrong decision. 

  • Episode 305 Premiere: 05/21/05

    The Affair

    Drake and Josh investigate Walter’s suspicious behavior after they suspect that he is having an affair. 

  • Episode 304 Premiere: 04/30/05

    Mindy's Back

    An unexpected challenger threatens Josh’s shot at winning first place at the science fair. 

  • Episode 303 Premiere: 04/16/05

    We're Married?

    Drake falls in love with Josh’s visiting e-pal from Yudonia. 

  • Episode 302 Premiere: 04/09/05

    The Peruvian Puff Pepper

    Drake and Josh compete in a salsa-making contest to win a new TV. 

  • Episode 301 Premiere: 04/02/05

    The Drake & Josh Inn

    Drake and Josh turn their home into a bed and breakfast after they spend all the money their parents gave them while their parents were gone. 

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