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  • Episode 214 Premiere: 11/28/04

    Honor Council

    Drake and Josh have to plead Drake’s case before the Honor council after Drake is threatened with suspension. 

  • Episode 213 Premiere: 10/24/04

    Drew & Jerry

    Josh befriends Drake’s doppelganger, leading Drake to fear that Josh is trying to replace him. 

  • Episode 212 Premiere: 10/17/04

    The Gary Grill

    Drake and Josh are arrested after they unknowingly buy illegal Gary Coleman grills.

  • Episode 211 Premiere: 09/26/04

    Mean Teacher

    Drake wants to break up with his annoying girlfriend, but can’t because her mother is his English teacher, who hates him. 

  • Episode 210 Premiere: 09/19/04

    Number 1 Fan

    A girl from Megan’s campfire troop has a crush on Drake. 

  • Episode 209 Premiere: 09/12/04

    Driver's License

    Drake fails his drivers test and Josh has to drive him everywhere. 

  • Episode 208 Premiere: 09/12/04

    Blue's Brothers

    Josh appears on his dad’s weather show and reveals to the whole town that he has stage fright that causes a nervous tick. 

  • Episode 207 Premiere: 05/02/04

    Little Diva

    Drake and Josh become personal assistants to a spoiled child actress. 

  • Episode 206 Premiere: 04/25/04

    Smart Girls

    Drake joins the Academic Team in order to impress the intellectual Michelle.

  • Episode 205 Premiere: 04/18/04

    Pool Shark

    Drake takes advantage of Josh’s billiard skills by hustling local kids.

  • Episode 204 Premiere: 04/04/04


    Josh becomes equipment manager for the school’s football team after Drake calls him uncool.

  • Episode 203 Premiere: 03/28/04

    Movie Job

    Josh gets a job at the Premiere movie theater. Drake starts working there too and is quickly promoted above Josh. 

  • Episode 202 Premiere: 03/21/04


    Josh has to find Drake a new autographed guitar after he accidentally blows up Drake’s guitar signed by Devin Malone. 

  • Episode 201 Premiere: 03/14/04

    The Bet

    Drake and Josh make a bed to swear off junk food and video games. 

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